Multiphysics computational modeling of the cochlea

We developed a nonlinear multiphysics (mechanical-electrical-acoustical) finite element model of the cochlea. This model couples the fluid mechanics in the cochlear ducts with the vibrations of the Organ of Corti and the mechanical-electrical feedback by the outer hair cells.


Using this computational framework, we investigated the following scientific questions:

  • role of hair bundle motility in cochlear amplification
  • effect of longitudinal coupling in cochlear mechanics
  • characteristics of the nonlinear response of the cochlea to pure tones and of two-tone suppression  (a form of nonlinear interaction when the cochlea is stimulated by two primary tones) in response to two tones

We are recently implemented a time-domain formulation of this model


1. Meaud, J., Lemons, C., 2015, Nonlinear response to a click in a time-domain model of the mammalian earJournal of the Acoustical Society of America138(1):193-207